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Since its incorporation in 2005 TELECOMNETWORKS’ main priority has been the development of system integration business in the telecom field. By the end of 2005 following several first successful projects we realized that in order to be a successful system integrator in the Russian telecom industry it is vital for our company to be able to implement turn-key solutions of any level of complexity which includes providing our customers with a vast range of integrated services and solutions. Since the beginning of 2006 the main focus of TELECOMNETWORKS has been exactly this: providing our customers with all kinds of integration, solutions and added value services that enable our clientele to rely on us for implementing turn-key projects on their networks. This understanding resulted in building additional divisions in our company to cater to the logistics, construction, network design and consulting, as well as other needs of our customers.

While there is a number of large system integration companies in the Russia/C.I.S. region most of them are affiliated with certain market conglomerates and sometimes even selected customers. These companies are usually orientated at specific projects for specific customers and are not actively trying to grow their business. We at TELECOMNETWORKS have a different approach: our aim is to be an active system integrator helping vendors penetrate the market by joint sales and marketing activities and to work across the market with multiple customers. Our proven record of successful advance of multiple telecom vendors in the Russia/C.I.S. market is the best proof of the above-said.


Qualified participation of TELECOMNETWORKS, as a full-range system integrator in projects that contribute to the development of telecommunications and media industry in Russia and the C.I.S..


We are striving to become a large holding which includes several companies that are able to implement a project of any level of complexity starting from its inception and onto its implementation and maintenance phases. As of today we have seriously advanced towards this objective – several business divisions [including the ones briefly described at this website] are actively contributing to our company’s constant growth and increasing market share. Our goal is to continue on this path and become an even more significant player in the regional market of system integration and distribution.


Our main and most valued achievement is our team. A harmonious team of professional managers and technical experts has allowed us to join the list of market leaders within a very short period of time.

We have based our activities on a European business model of system integration which implies not only equipment distribution, installation and commissioning but also active participation of TELECOMNETWORKS in our customers’ business development processes including:
  • Business development concept design,
  • Technical and commercial substantiation for the construction of telecommunications networks and media-content distribution,
  • Outsourcing business management services,
  • Outsourcing maintenance services for telecommunication networks,
  • Consulting and support with licensing, certification and homologation,
  • Training of commercial and engineering staff,

The whole team of TELECOMNETWORKS undergoes regular trainings that help to deepen and broaden the knowledge of our marketing and technical staff. Ongoing participation in the industry’s conferences, tradeshows and seminars allows us to be well informed about all market processes and trends which helps us to be confident that we are moving in the right direction and are not missing on important market opportunities.

Our customers trust us and the positive dynamics of our continuous growth is the best proof of the above-said.


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