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Advantech is a world-leading provider of wireless broadband communications. Advantech offers full end-to-end technology solutions. We design, manufacture and deploy networking solutions for broadband connectivity, broadcast solutions and backhaul requirements using satellite and terrestrial communications.


RF Equipment

Advantech AMT's products for Satellite Ground Stations include a full range of high power solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs), booster amplifiers (SSBs) and block up-converter transmitters (BUCs) for up-link applications and low noise amplifiers (LNAs) for down-link applications.

SatNet HUB

Advantech Satellite Networks, a world leader in satellite communications, offers the world’s leading, two-way, open standard (DVB-RCS), broadband satellite access system. SatNet’s DVB-RCS Hub, and in particular its Return Link Sub-System (RLSS), is at the heart of the broadband access system.


Modems / modulators / demodulators

Advantech offers a full range of satellite modems (L-Band and 70/140 MHz), which cover data rates of 9.6 Kbps to 140 Mbps. These are modular solutions, offering transmit-only, receive-only (with up to 4 channels) or traditional transmit/receive modems. Each modem supports a rich set of interface configurations (including various synchronous serial data formats and Ethernet), modulation schemes and forward error correction codecs to ensure that we have the correct solution for your application.



Our range of antenna controllers offers the ultimate in performance and reliability on all antennas from 60 cm to 35 meters, including mobile systems. The controllers work with motor drive units to suit all applications; from low cost DC actuators, through single, dual and variable speed AC drives, right up to counter torque servos for the largest antennas. The controllers offer single or dual axis control with sequential or simultaneous axis operation. All controllers are based on the renowned INTRAC, orbit modelling algorithm which has been refined over thirty years to provide the most resilient tracking solution for the toughest situations.


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