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Airspan's WiMAX products incorporate all the features that are required for the initial installation and commissioning of the products as well as their day-to-day efficient running. To this end, all products include comprehensive management capabilities in terms of features designed into the products as well as the centralised Operations & Management (O&M) system, Netspan.

Netspan provides the following functions:
  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Alarm handling
  • Performance management
  • Security management

Netspan is designed around a client/server architecture. The Netspan server runs on a PC platform, making use of an SQL database to store the configuration, statistics and alarm history from the radio network. Access to the Netspan server is from Microsoft Internet Explorer, using the web service of the Netspan server.

The mimimum Netspan platform requirements are:

The Netspan O&M has terminal mobility service support from day 1, enabling roaming and self-installation by customers using EasyST and ProSTs.

Auto-CPE provisioning and Auto- Service Flow and Service Product allocation ensures that the network operator can take advantage of any compatible WiMAX Certified CPE that connects to his network. Network Authentication is managed separately from service provisioning and activation, which is a fundamental part of any mobile system design.

Each Netspan operator is given configurable access rights, allowing each operator to be granted the rights appropriate to their function.

Netspan provides configuration and diagnostic access to every WiMAX network element, right down to each individual Subscriber Terminal.

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Management Options
  • AS.MAX family of products support three management options:
  • Local web based client management of individual system components
  • Used to configure small systems and networks
  • North-bound intreface to third party Network Management
  • Management via third party SNMP management tool
  • Uses standard WiMAX MIB
  • Airspan's Netspan network management server
  • Already running numerous WLL networks worldwide
  • Based on Microsoft .Net platform
  • Distributed server architecture support
  • Full system configuration, operation and maintenance via standard web client
  • SNMP API support
  • Uses standard WiMAX MIB for all configuration and O&M activities


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