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Terrestrial Microwave

Terrestrial Microwave (TMW) antennas produce highly directional beams typically used in point-to-point microwave systems. Andrew manufactures a full line of terrestrial microwave antennas for applications such as fixed-line telecommunications networks, broadband wireless, wireless infrastructure, and television broadcasting.

ValuLine antennas provide a cost-effective solution for all terrestrial microwave systems operating at frequencies between 7 GHz and 60 GHz.

Andrew offers a full line of Standard (unshielded) Parabolic Antennas. Our P, PL, PX and PXL Series Standard Parabolic antennas are unshielded and provide economical and reliable service where a high degree of back and side radiation suppression is not necessary.

Andrew Hot Standby Couplers can be used to connect two microwave radio transmitter receivers (ODUs) to one single polarized antenna for 1+1 and 2+0 protected systems. These Hot Standby Couplers incorporate a directional coupler, antenna interface, radio mounting interfaces, and polarizers.

Andrew Microwave Systems Planner software (AMSP) software graphically automates equipment selection and system planning, including choice of terrestrial microwave antennas, waveguide, flex twists, accessories, and pressurization and available shipping options. The AMSP generates significant system characteristics, such as VSWR, attenuation, and overall system gain and allows for viewing Radiation Pattern Envelopes (RPEs) for parabolic antennas in the 335 MHz to 58 GHz frequency range. You can search for RPEs by frequency, antenna type, or part number and view, print, and export the RPE for the antenna you select.


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