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Coverage and Capacity Solutions

Buildings, convention centers, tunnels, subway and railway stations, remote locations, dense urban centers, or for any areas that block or compromise RF signal propagation, Andrew has a solution.

Andrew's fully interchangeable passive and active products are cost and performance optimized:

Modular architecture for design flexibility
Enhanced feature-sets for quick roll out
High performance-to-cost ratio for reduced operator capital and operating expenses (CapEx and OpEx)
Small size for minimized environmental and visual impact
All of Andrew's active products, both repeaters and distribution systems, can easily be managed with A.I.M.O.S. Network Management Solution, a full featured OMC. Andrew also offers full turnkey services that include system specification, system design, project management, turnkey installation, and testing - contact us for details.

Indoor Distribution
Andrew solutions support multiple wireless technologies for voice and data services in vertical and horizontal applications, providing homogeneous coverage and capacity for all types of in-building applications, including large parking garages, underground pedestrian corridors, stairwells, office complexes, manufacturing facilities, airport terminals, convention centers, cruise ships, and exhibition halls.

Fiber distributed antenna systems (FDAS)
Indoor area coverage antennas
Passive systems
Indoor Coverage
Andrew solutions provide maintenance free, uniform coverage for venues that include smaller stores, restaurants, car parks, conference rooms, and hotels.

MiniRepeater RF enhancers
Tunnel Coverage System
Andrew's systems provide uniform coverage inside tunnel systems for single or multiband, single or multi-technology operators.

Fiber distributed antenna system (FDAS)
Cable booster
Passive systems
Outdoor Distribution
Andrew solutions provide low cost, high reliability, self-contained systems for single or multiuser; multiband networks in urban, suburban, roadside, or underground applications.

RF enhancers
Passive systems
Outdoor Coverage
Andrew solutions provide extended coverage for small towns, shaped coverage around manmade or natural obstacles, and network extension beyond primary target areas.

RF enhancers
Passive systems
Railway Coverage System
Andrew solutions provide distributed capacity for railside coverage in open terrain; in-train repeaters for in-carriage coverage; distributed coverage through difficult terrain areas such as tunnels and hills; or any combination for multiband, multi-technology applications.

MIR-T repeater series
Fiber distributed antenna system (FDAS)
Passive systems


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