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The optimal microwave solution MINI-LINK TN is a complete microwave solution with the flexibility to provide everything from cost-effective single hops to complete, managed microwave networks supporting fixed and mobile broadband.

Product description

MINI-LINK TN is the optimal microwave solution, providing a high-performance radio link for fixed or mobile applications.

MINI-LINK TN includes:
  • Higher order modulation schemes and XPIC (Cross Polarized Interference Cancellation) for spectrum efficiency
  • Support for 6-38GHz frequencies
  • Software configurable modulation from C-QPSK, to 16, 64, 128 QAM
  • Dual polarization antenna 2 x STM-1 together with XPIC – one frequency channel and one antenna
  • Advanced integrated traffic handling
  • Ability to handle PDH, SDH, Ethernet and ATM in the same node over the same hop.
MINI-LINK TN supports several evolution paths: hops to networks, TDM to Ethernet, and low to high capacity.

Market leader

Ericsson is the undisputed market leader in microwave transmission with more than 1.5 million MINI-LINKs delivered around the world. Ericsson has the largest microwave production facility in the world enabling large volume deliveries with accurate and short lead-times.

Integrated traffic handling

MINI-LINK TN was built to support the flexibility and scalability needed for operators to master today’s challenge.

Integrated cross connect, switching and aggregation functionality provide support for substantial transmission savings – real customer cases show initial savings of typically 75-90 percent with integrated traffic aggregation.

The product can simultaneously transmit both Ethernet and TDM traffic, enabling easy migration to Ethernet.

New roll-out and network expansion

MINI-LINK TN is equally suited to new network rollouts and the expansion of existing ones.
Thanks to its technology flexibility, MINI-LINK TN provides future-proof solutions that fully support TDM or Ethernet, or a combination of the two.

Operators can therefore select MINI-LINK TN – as an optimized solution for TDM traffic – for cost-effective voice-centric network rollouts, knowing that the solution is fully compatible with Ericsson’s all-IP over Ethernet vision.

New rollout to support high-capacity Carrier Ethernet is also fully supported, as is parallel Gigabit Ethernet.
The scalable architecture of MINI-LINK TN supports easy and cost-effective network expansion.

Soft key upgrades and plug-in modems allow for capacity and functionality expansion, as well as network topology restructuring.
The use of XPIC (Cross Polarization Interference Cancellation) doubles the capacity within one frequency channel.

The complete MINI-LINK TN offering includes indoor units to support all site configurations from small edge-nodes to more complex aggregation nodes.

Reduce costs and evolve the network

MINI-LINK TN’s market-leading reliability maximizes air-time delivery, reduces the need for redundant links and on-hand spare parts, while cutting overall support costs.

The MINI-LINK TN management system, including advanced fault management, allows the entire transmission network to be managed from a single screen, further cutting opex.

MINI-LINK TN’s management system ServiceOn provides a common environment for the complete portfolio of Ericsson transmission products, including the required functionality for fault, configuration, inventory and performance management.

Operators with MINI-LINK E networks can easily update to MINI-LINK TN to take advantage of modern functionalities, such as integrated aggregation and remote capacity upgrade.

MINI-LINK TN is capable of handling PDH, SDH, Ethernet and ATM in the same node over the same hop, providing a flexible way forward and allowing for multiple technologies in the same network.

Migration from hops to networks and from low to high capacity are also possible.

Whatever the evolution path, Ericsson’s solution supports network, line, equipment and propagation protection, ensuring easy network expansion and evolution while utilizing legacy equipment.

MINI-LINK TN’s management system ServiceOn provides remote traffic routing on a network level and connection management, which further supports network evolution by simplifying topology restructuring, minimizing site complexity, and simplifying installation, maintenance and network redesign.

Ericsson also has a long-term commitment to backward compatibility.


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