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AirSynergy: An Outdoor Pico Base Station with Integrated Wireless Backhaul

AirSynergy is an all-in-one compact Outdoor Pico Base Station, which supports a wide range of broadband wireless interfaces including 4G LTE and 4G WiMAX. AirSynergy is Airspan’s latest generation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Base Stations, which supports 4G access and non line of sight high capacity wireless backhaul from the same network node.

The integration of both backhaul and access technologies is an industry first, and redefines the way in which networks can be constructed. This technique enables AirSynergy to be deployed on existing street furniture (e.g. lamp posts and utility poles), with connections automatically established through neighboring nodes to establish a backhaul connection with the network.




A key feature of the AirSynergy technology is the ability to self-configure, self-connect, self-heal and self-optimize when deployed as a network of elements. At the same time AirSynergy provides guaranteed levels of service with Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics in line with the requirements of the access interface.


AirSynergy supports either 4G LTE or 4G WiMAX access technologies in addition to Airspan’s Intelligent Wireless Backhaul technology, iBridge. WiMAX provides anytime, anywhere mobile access to broadband services at much higher capacity than is possible with 3G networks. Airspan’s LTE solution is compliant with the 3GPP standards and interoperable with commercial FDD & TDD UE devices.

AirSynergy is based on Airspan’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, and as a result supports a range of air interfaces through remote software updates.


AirSynergy uniquely provides an integrated wireless backhaul solution using Airspan’s iBridge technology. iBridge is a self-configuring, self-connecting point-to-multipoint backhaul solution, which automatically extends the reach of the network from existing Points of Interconnect (POI).  iBridge supports multi-hop relay connections, providing either LTE or WiMAX coverage from each node in addition to the iBridge backhaul functionality.


AirSynergy Pico Cells can be installed on existing street poles (lamp posts or utility poles) which are either OPEX free, or have a nominal on-going OPEX, thus avoiding the recurring costs associated with a traditional Macro Base Station. AirSynergy also requires a fraction of the power of a Macro Base Station, which further reduces the OPEX, and also allows renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to be used.


AirSynergy consists of a single self-contained unit, removing the need for an equipment rack or any indoor equipment. Units are powered from a compact power supply unit based on commercial Power Over Ethernet technology.


AirSynergy supports automated configuration from the management system, simplifying the installation of each base station. This automation, coupled with the self-connecting iBridge backhaul results in a true plug and play solution, allowing service to be rapidly deployed.


AirSynergy is a compact all-outdoor 4G Pico Base Station, which can be installed without conventional indoor infrastructure and associated power and air-conditioning systems.

The integration of wireless backhaul reduces the equipment installed per site, as separate backhaul infrastructure is not required. This in turn reduces spares holding and inventories.

The iBridge backhaul supports self healing, allowing the network to automatically recover in the event of failure. This increases overall service availability and customer satisfaction.


The iBridge network can support different topologies as new elements are added to the network, enabling a highly flexible and versatile deployment. Each AirSynergy node can adopt both access and backhaul functionality, automatically changing backhaul role from termination to relay to ensure a dynamic self-adapting architecture.

Through the use of Airspan’s real-time iBridge SON Server, iBridge supports self-continuous optimization of backhaul links, ensuring interference between iBridge nodes is minimized and delivering end-to-end QOS across the network with minimal spectrum consumption.


AirSynergy is designed to integrate with standardised WiMAX and LTE SON solutions. When coupled with the iBridge SON Server, this allows a broadband wireless network to be deployed without the need for extensive, formal planning. Nodes are incrementally added in the target service area until the desired coverage is achieved. The products self-configure, self-connect, and self-optimize. In addition, unlike conventional mobile network planning and design, expansion of the coverage area can be optimized and adapted depending on the local need. The “Pico Cell” technology solution is designed for deployment onto standard utility poles, for example telephone poles, street lamps or power poles. Coverage is created by deploying multiple cells in chains or clusters, depending on the desired wireless service footprint.


Расширение функциональных возможностей центральной станции спутниковой связи Дальневосточного отделения Российской академии наук

TELECOMNETWORKS подписала договор в интересах Дальневосточного отделения Российской академии наук (ДВО РАН) на программную модернизацию центрального узла спутниковой сети связи Advantech DVB-RCS HUB, используемого заказчиком в научных целях.


NEC Corporation объявила о запуске новой модели семейства iPASOLINK ЕX

В начале февраля один из лидеров рынка беспроводных систем связи, компания NEC Corporation (Япония), объявила о начале производства новой ультракомпактной модели радиорелейных систем серии iPASOLINK модели EX. Оборудование ориентировано большей частью на использование операторами мобильной связи, но заинтересует так же и других заказчиков, нуждающихся в высокоскоростных беспроводных средствах передачи данных.


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