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With the convergence of voice, data and video over satellite becoming more common; networks becoming more fragmented and spread over larger geographical areas; and the need to shift large amounts of data from place to place growing rapidly; some organizations are encountering performance limitations. At the forefront of the challenge is user experience coupled against the cost of running and maintaining the link. Users need more access to remote data, and if user experience degrades, users are less likely to use remote services. Historically, administrators have no choice but to throw more money at the problem, either through more bandwidth or very expensive, high-end technology that provides value over long payback periods.



The turboIP-G2 Performance Enhancement Proxy is designed to tackle these intricate wide area network (WAN) complications. The turboIP-G2 is designed with the most effective WAN optimization features, targeted specifically for the unique challenges of satellite communication. Most notably, acceleration and caching are used to improve network responsiveness, keeping user experience optimized. In addition, advanced compression techniques are used to minimize data traversing the satellite link, allowing the reduction of monthly WAN bills or avoiding the purchase of additional bandwidth. Finally, the turboIP-G2 is priced well below other vendors’ offerings because the turboIP-G2 concentrates on the features that provide the biggest return on investment, and is not riddled with over designed and complicated-to-configure features. Simple, to the point, and priced to provide high value for the money invested, the moment it is turned on.


Advanced Technologies
Available in 15 Mbps, 45 Mbps, or 155 Mbps WAN rates
Implements Open Standards
IPv4/IPv6 Acceleration and Management
Selective Acceleration (U.S. patent 6,937,560)
Support for up to 10,000 Sessions
Data and Header Compression
VLAN (802.1Q) and GRE Tunnel (RFC 2784) Support
Intelligent Congestion Control
Automatic Window Scaling (RFC 1323)
Rate Pacing versus Dynamic Bandwidth Support
Black Hole Detection & Recovery
Path Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) Discovery
Tolerates Packet Reordering & Large Queues
Asymmetrical Route Management
Dual OR Single Interface Mode with Policy-Based Routing
Common Internet File Support (CIFS) Acceleration
Data Redundancy Elimination (DRE)
WebCache - HTTP Caching Engine
Persisent LZ
Simplified, Yet Powerful, User Management

Quick Start
Flexible Management Interfaces
Configuration and Management
Enhanced Performance Analysis Tools
Physical Features

Available in 1RU 19" rack form factor
Also available in hardened 1RU 19" 1/2 width rack form factor
Rack kit allows left or right or dual mount positions
Size, Weight, and Power considerations (SWaP)
10/100/1000 Mbps Auto Sensing, Auto Crossover Capabilities
Dedicated Traffic and Management Ethernet Ports

The charts below illustrate the advantage of using turboIP-G2 in a real network, with advanced WAN optimization features. The first chart illustrates a doubling effect of the effective throughput. With this type of gain, an operator can delay upgrading equipment and/or buying additional satellite bandwidth, which translates into operator cost savings. The second chart illustrates end user experience gains, as transfer times are greatly reduced and iterative fetch times are decreased, which translates to increased user experience.


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Расширение функциональных возможностей центральной станции спутниковой связи Дальневосточного отделения Российской академии наук

TELECOMNETWORKS подписала договор в интересах Дальневосточного отделения Российской академии наук (ДВО РАН) на программную модернизацию центрального узла спутниковой сети связи Advantech DVB-RCS HUB, используемого заказчиком в научных целях.


NEC Corporation объявила о запуске новой модели семейства iPASOLINK ЕX

В начале февраля один из лидеров рынка беспроводных систем связи, компания NEC Corporation (Япония), объявила о начале производства новой ультракомпактной модели радиорелейных систем серии iPASOLINK модели EX. Оборудование ориентировано большей частью на использование операторами мобильной связи, но заинтересует так же и других заказчиков, нуждающихся в высокоскоростных беспроводных средствах передачи данных.


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